1978 - learning classical guitar from Robert Oort.


1983 - Started playing bass professionally in jazz bands with such Sydney based notables as Daniel Barnett, Dr Martin Hardy, Graham Hilgendorf, Brenda Gifford (Mixed Relations), and Joern Harris (The Moods). During this time, he studied musicianship at the NSW Conservatorium of Music in Sydney.


 1986 - Went to Israel and played gigs with some of Israel's top jazz and contemporary musicians, such as Itsik Shetrit, Boris Gammer, Amos Hoffman, Steve Horenstein, Jerry Garval, Steve Pascoff, Shai Bachar, Avner Strauss and would fill in for Avishai Cohen.  Simon recorded on Avner Strauss's CD On A Slow Flame. 


Being in such a melting pot of different musical cultures, Simon became involved in Israeli and Jewish music, performing in wedding bands and tourist show bands. From 1990 to 1991, Simon was the resident bass player at the Jerusalem Khan Theatre (see ) playing four nights a week, for about two years.

From 1992 to 1993 Simon was the resident bass player in the internationally acclaimed tourist show Horah Israel, an Israeli dancing troop spectacular that toured internationally every year. Simon toured with them in France and Germany, and recorded a souvenir video of the show entitled "We Are Here" Ensemble Presents: HORAH ISRAEL.


Simon was offered a scholarship to study for his Bachelor Of Music Degree, and graduated in 1992, studying with Jean Claude Jones, Boris Gammer, Dan Gottfried, Steve Horenstein, Nahum Pervakovich, Slava Ganelin and Jerry Garval.  


Simon returned to Australia in 1994, and played mostly bass and doubling on guitar in various covers bands, including Vogue (formally Princess), On Heat, and a concept band called Sister Act performing hits from the movie, performing in pubs and clubs around New South Wales.  He went on tour to Papua New Guinea with Princess in 1996


 Simon is currently the resident double bass player of The Rockin Eddie Band, a rock and roll dance band, typical of the dance bands of the nineteen fifties and sixties.  See


You are welcome to do an internet search of any of the names listed above.  They are all experienced musicians with their own websites.